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About us .....

We are a print shop that can handle anything from a quick copy or fax, to a custom photo canvas or mug and many different items in between.

What we can do for you .....

Are you having trouble coming up with something for that relative who has everything? Need something for your presentation? Let us help! We can create and print your personalized greeting cards, place mats, photo collages, calendars, mugs, shirts, coasters, metal prints, slate, bags, ornaments, stationery, name tags, presentation booklets, display boards, etc. We can digitize your family photos, negatives and slides for a slide show DVD, digital photo frame, or so you can send them across the country to your relatives living far away. Do you have home movies on VHS tapes? We can put them on DVD for you. We can provide the finishing touch your project needs including matting, framing, canvas printing & stretching, mounting on foam core, laminating, cutting, folding, binding and more. We have added Dye Sublimation printing and computerized cutting to our repertoire. This means we can print on everything from name tags to towels, aluminum photo/sign panels to ceramic tiles and much more. We can also cut out your fabric shapes for quilting, cut out paper dolls, cut vinyl letters or graphics, and much more. Come on in and get some ideas!

We are able to scan, copy, print, mount and laminate your projects up to 42" wide. You can bring your project files to our shop, email them or upload them through this site. We can also print and dry mount your full color projects up to 44" wide with our Canon iPF 8400 and 44" Pro-Lam heated laminator. Val, Sabrina and I are ready to serve your digital and printing needs. We use high quality American made materials when possible including our long-lasting archival quality canvas and cotton rag. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

When it needs to be done right, give us a call!

Jon                   Val
Jon                                         Val

Processes and equipment that we use .....

Before I show you our color equipment, I would like to take a moment to let you know some of the limitations of color printing. The human eye can see a lot more colors than any scanner or digital camera which in turn sees more colors than a printer can generate. Every brand/model of printer has its own gamut (the colors it can generate) so something that you might have had printed elsewhere or on your printer at home may look a little different when we print or copy it for you. To help minimize that difference, we profile the papers that we use on our printers. These profiles allow us to see how a document will print before we actually print it out and also improve the color matched output. For a color managed workflow to function properly, your documents that you send us need to have their color profile embedded. Colors in documents that have been designed in programs that are not color aware (Microsoft Office is the most common) cannot be accurately matched to what you see on your equipment.

There are many different kinds of paper with many different finishes that affect how the ink or toner is absorbed and displayed. One of the biggest factors is whether the paper is coated or uncoated. Uncoated papers can allow the ink to absorb quickly and bleeding can be a problem creating a slightly fuzzy image. With laser prints, uncoated paper shows a texture that can distort how an image looks. Coated papers have a layer that controls how the ink or toner absorbs. The most common coatings are matte (non-reflective) and glossy (highly reflective) with many variations in between. Each paper has its uses. Photos, signs and posters tend to be printed on various glossy finishes whereas artist Giclee prints look best when printed on a matte coated paper, cotton rag or canvas. With that said, here are the machines that we use.

Dye Sublimation Printing

We now do dye sublimation printing which means we can print on a wide range of materials such as mugs, coasters, t-shirts, ceramic tiles, aluminum sheets, and much more. We can print and press items up to 12"x18". Dye sub printing is a 2 step process that involves printing the image or text on a special paper which is then applied with heat and pressure to transfer the ink to the item desired. Here is a list of some of the items that we can do - there are many more things available so if you don't see what you want, call us to see if we can get it.

Aluminum panels .020" thick-available
    in white, aluminum, gold, & bronze
up to 12"x18" $5.50-$23.50
Small easel mount $3.50
Large easel mount $8.50
Wood mounting blocks $5.50
Ceramic Tiles-most available in Gloss, Satin & Matte
4.25"x4.25" $12.00
Cork for 4"x4" $3.00
6"x6" $14.00
Cork for 6"x6" $3.50
6"x8" $16.50
Cork for 6"x8" $4.00
8"x8" $18.00
8"x10" $19.00
12"x12" $23.50
6" Hanging Mural
Hanging bar $7.00
Single-sided $19 per 4 pieces
Double-sided $28 per 4 pieces
Plaques-available in black or cherry finish
5"x7" $12.00
6"x8" $13.00
7"x9" $14.00
8"x10" $15.50
9"x12" $18.00
Light switch cover
Double $14.00
Single $13.00
Mouse pads
7.75"x9.25" smooth top rubber back $9.00
Football shaped $10.00
7.75"x9.25" pile top rubber back $10.00
Plastic Name Badge with magnetic clasp
3"x1" $12.00
3"x2" $12.00
12"x18" pile fabric face rubber back $13.00
10"x16" gloss face rubber back $23.50
10"x16" fabric face rubber back $11.00
Glass Cutting board
7.75"x10.75" $26.00
12"x15" $32.00
Tote Bag
1 side $12.00
2 sides $16.50
Photo Slate
6"x6" $16.50
7"x7" $18.00
12"x12" $22.50
5"x9" $18.00
6"x7" $18.00
7"x12" $22.50

6"x12" $22.50
Stands, pair $2.50
Insulated cozies
Can & bottle $11.00
Coffee sleeve $11.00
Wine tote $15.50
Water bottle
Stainless $15.50
Aluminum $14.00
Serving tray
Small $33.00
Large $45.00
Cardboard puzzles
7.5"x9.5" 30/110 piece $15.50
10.5"x13.5" 130/252 piece $18.00
7.25" heart 20/75 piece $15.50
Fishing lures
Small $12.00
Large $14.00
Sport 8x12 $11.00
Sport 11x18 $12.00
Golf 11x18 $13.00
Shirts & Sweatshirts
We supply garment $14.00-$45.00
You supply garment $7.00 per area printed
Cell Phone cases $11.00-$14.00
DrySub Baby's Bib $14.00
Oven Mitt $14.00
Lightweight-no pockets $14.00
Heavyweight with pockets $18.00
Server apron with pockets $14.00
Bib apron-no pockets $18.00
Cork-backed coasters 3.75" square $8.50 or 4 for $21.00
Coaster holder-holds 4 $6.00
Ceramic mugs
11 oz $14.00
15 oz $15.50
License Plate Frame $15.50
Dog Bandana $12.00
Flip Flops 6 sizes available $19.00
Neck Tie $14.00
Travel Mug, stainless or white 14 oz $16.50
3" Porcelain Ornaments $10.50
Hair Barrette $10.50
Bandana $13.00
Felt Bookmark $9.00
Garden Flag 11x15 single ply $12.00
Neoprene Wrist Bands $8.50
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 12x12 $9.00

Quantity discounts are available. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Large Format Color Printing

This Canon iPF 8400 printer is our large format color workhorse. It is an inkjet which uses 12 different inks for great color range. These inks are pigment-based for longer lasting, archival quality prints. It can print up to 44" wide on many different papers including PSA Vinyl (pressure sensitive adhesive) which is great for outdoor signs and cotton paper which is excellent for Giclee printing. We normally print onto roll papers but it can also print on cut sheet papers (no smaller than letter size) so if you already have a specific paper that you want something printed on, we should be able to do that for you. For best results we will need to profile the paper ($25 for high quality target) so please bring a couple of extra sheets of your paper. This profiling will only need to be done once for each kind of paper. We also have a 24" Canon iPF 6400 inkjet that uses the same inkset and has the added ability to print on 4 ply matboard and posterboard of a similar thickness.

Canon iPF8300 printer

Our standard rates per square foot are:

Artist papers:
Museo Max cotton rag - $9.99
Lyve or Silverada Canvas - $12.99
Moab Somerset Velvet - $11.99

Photo papers:
Glossy or Luster Photo 10 mil - $7.59
Matte Photo 10 mil - $6.59
Matte Presentation 8 mil - $3.00

Outdoor papers:
Phototex removable sticker - $7.99
PSA polypropylene gloss or matte - $7.99
Banner Scrim Vinyl 15 mil - $7.99

Prices are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.

Large Format Color Scanning

This is a feed-through color scanner that is capable of handling materials up to 42" wide and 5/16" thick. We can scan to a file ($12.00 for each scan) to be saved onto CD, e-mailed or edited. We can edit your scans to fix defects, alter the image, enlarge or reduce the image size ($50.00 per hour for editing). We primarily use this scanner for scanning large photos/posters and original artwork - anything from watercolor to pastels to mixed media as well as stretched canvas paintings ($30.00 for each piece of artwork includes color matching for giclees).

Contex HD4230 Scanner

Small Format Color Scanning

This is our small format workhorse - the Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Scanner. It is a very high resolution scanner that makes it easier to blow up your smaller photos as well as doing a very good job with film negatives, positives and slides. Rates vary according to what is being scanned and the number of items.

Epson V750m

Small Format Printing

This is our new machine for making awesome quality full color or black and white copies up to 11" x 17" or prints up to 13" x 19", single or double sided! It will also rapidly make saddle stitched booklets. It is the Canon imagePRESS C700 color laser printer and is capable of printing on card stock papers up to 110# cover.

Please note that most printers cannot print all the way to the edge of the paper, there is approximately a 1/4" margin. To print a full bleed (edge to edge printing) document, we will have to print on a larger sheet of paper and then trim it to the desired size - your document will also need to be designed with bleeds which extend beyond the edge of your document. To scan pages to be e-mailed or burned to disc is $1.00 per page for flatbed scans and $1.00 per document or per 100 sheets for multi-page documents to a PDF file for e-mailing or storage on disc. The base rates for small format full color printing/copying on 60# text paper are:

The base rates for small format grayscale / black & white printing / copying on 20# paper are:

-special papers are extra-
-quantity discounts are available-

Prices are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.